Are you a “best-kept secret” athlete or coach, or simply someone who is wondering…

“Cheez, if only people knew how
awesome I really am..."

Is that you ?

I help athletes & other professionals to level up their social media presence and business.

We develop individual strategies to attract the right audience for you and your services/products and build your personal brand like a PRO!

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“Cheez, if only people knew how
awesome I really am, my business would be like a sky rocket!”


Yep, here’s the fact:


You’ve done everything possible to grow your social media presence and attract the right clients, collaborators or sponsors

Maybe you even bought a $79 ebook titled “how to gain 40000,0000 followers in 3 days, watched a bunch of youtube tutorials/webinars that always lead in the direction of said ebook, or hired a couldn’t-care-less social media “expert” (with a surprisingly small following of their own of 300 people?!?!)

..Writing long-ass posts, sharing your BEST STUFF, but aaaaargh!!! Nobody cares!

What's worse...

None of your social media efforts, translate into paying clients and new deals...

AND THAT’S WHY: you won’t make BANK, you won’t make a big impact and you won’t have that freakin’ awesome feeling when you open up your FB or Instagram and see multiple messages of people who are dying to work with you, if you don't stand out in the crowd!

That’s where I come in:

Helping you to create a solid strategy for your business and social media activities.

Discover the hacks to creating outstanding Social Media Content for more leads, more sales and infinitely more recognition…

...without needing a videographer, a copywriter and endless stock of brilliant, fun ideas to pull from. 

I can help you become a funny and emotionally engaging person within your industry, which will help you attract your ideal clients who will love you for the way you are!

Do you want to learn how to level up your business? Let's do it.

Earn the confidence to put yourself out there!

I have almost 10 years of social media experience, built my own personal brand, and coached private clients and international institutions through the process of building an online presence for their businesses. Let me help you to get started or to optimize your business on social media!

Strategy Sessions & Business Management

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60 min strategy session

My eyes on your content & creating a one-off strategy for your business

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on request only

Full service: Business strategy & management - We plan and create your content. Contact me for details.

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Creative Work


Videos? Posts? Stories?

I plan and create your content. Contact me for details & offers.

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What my clients say...



Click HERE to listen to my interview with Dr. Lindsay Padilla about my work with professionals (athletes, coaches and scientists).

Topics: science, academics, coaching, my business, social media & content creation


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