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About me

My name is Maren Katherina Preis, but most people call me 'Catie.' I'm a pharmacist by training with a passion for creative work and marketing. I enjoy writing about business, wellness, and health-related topics.

English is my primary language in my daily professional and personal life. However, German is my mother tongue, and I enjoy communication in both languages.

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My background

As a postdoctoral researcher and university teacher in pharmaceutical sciences, I wrote and published over 40 scientific papers and book chapters and contributed to 60+ conference proceedings.

Besides my research endeavors, I was a guest editor for a special issue on pediatric medicine, served as a reviewer for scientific journals, and gave workshops in StartUp hubs and for young scientists.

Although I had a promising academic career ahead of me, I decided to follow my passion for creating and writing for a broader audience besides the scientific community.

Paper Diary

Most Outstanding Doctoral Thesis

in Pharmaceutial Sciences in the Academic Years 2014/2015

(PBP World Meeting, APV Award)

PharmInd Publication Award:

Preis für Pharma Technik 2014: Application of Electronic Tongues in Preformulation Studies

1st place - 3rd Global Academic Competition for Life Science Leaders of Tomorrow: Pediatric drugs – Regulatory Challenges and Available Dosage Forms

2021 AAPS PharmSci 360 High Impact Award: 3D-Printed Isoniazid Tablets for the Treatment and Prevention) of Tuberculosis - Personalized Dosing and Drug Release


2017 - now

Advisor & Writer


copywriting and author services, pharmaceutical consulting, quality & project management, staff training, social content & strategy


Stack of Books


website and sales copy, blog content, social media content

Online Marketing

business strategy, social media & website, email, customer relations

Scientific Articles

medical, research, reports, and patient communication



Home office



Social Content

Scientific Communication


Scientific Articles

published in

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For a complete list:

explore my publications on GoogleScholar here

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