Are you a “best-kept secret” health or fitness coach, or simply someone who is wondering…

“Cheez, if only people knew how
awesome I really am, I’d have more clients than I know what to do with!”


Yep, here’s the fact:


You’ve done everything possible to grow your social media presence, like...


  • buying a $79 ebook titled “how to gain 40000,0000 followers in 3 days


  • Watched a bunch of youtube tutorials/webinars that always lead in the direction of said ebook


  • Hired a couldn’t-care-less social media “expert” (with a surprisingly small following of their own of 300 people?!?!)


  • Spending hours on Canva, making quotes look super pretty, only to get 3 stingy likes from your existing client, your mom and the yoga teacher who works at the same studio (they couldn’t even drop you a love :-(


  • Writing long-ass posts, sharing your BEST STUFF, but aaaaargh!!! Nobody cares!

What's worse...

None of your social media efforts, translate into paying clients and customers.

AND THAT’S WHY: you won’t make BANK, you won’t make a big impact and you won’t have that freakin’ awesome feeling when you open up your FB or Instagram and see hundreds of likes, and multiple messages of people who are dying to work with you.

That’s where I come in.

What my clients say:

"We have been working with Catie now for more than a year. She has helped us with creating content for our platforms, strategies for new product launches, but also supported our management with strategy development and keeping the project team accountable by creating weekly task sheets & plans"

Powerlifting Motivation (Instagram: 300K+)

"Using Catie's strategies has helped with me has grown my social media pages faster than I could have ever done on my own. Catie has been the catalyst to my success online. Best decision I have made for my social media accounts!"

Courtney Baker, USA
Online Business Manager -

"Catie is a wealth of social media knowledge. After one week of following her plan every area of our social media marketing increased. So glad that we decided to work with her."

Michele Yeowart, Australia
Personal Assistant for a Fitness & Lifestyle Retreat Brand

"This coaching program helped me go from feeling lost in the crowd to standing center stage! Catie provided effective strategies that I could implement immediately! I saved so much time by investing in this service! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help"

Kim Perry, USA

"Working with Catie, helped me discover new strategies to grow my business and my audience. She made me realize that I could do it, I could be as successful as she is and I didn’t have to be shy or sorry when I was talking to potential clients. I am looking forward to see her grow and can’t wait to look at her new courses. She is awesome!!! I highly recommend her."

Sara Maccagnan, Belgium
Mental Health Coach -

What if I tell you that you do not need to figure it out all by yourself?

Discover the hacks to creating outstanding Social Media Content for more leads, more sales and infinitely more recognition…

...without needing a videographer, a copywriter and endless stock of brilliant, fun ideas to pull from. 

I’m Catie Leta and if you know me from Instagram or any other Social media Platform, then we are basically already best friends! :D

I can help you become a funny and emotionally engaging person within your industry, which will help you attract your ideal clients who will love you for the way you are!

Get Started & Optimize!

It does not matter if you are just getting started or already have an online business that you want to optimize.

My strategies and techniques work, because I use them myself for years.

If you feel uninspired and desperate to rock your social media presence, then this here is for you.

DIY & Behind the Scenes

Stand out online with my strategies.

Discover the non-sales-y Social Media Framework and learn how to create social media content that attracts and converts paying clients - without sounding sales-y

I show you strategies and how to create content for social media that draws attention. 


Starting on a Budget

Learn the basics

Organic Marketing: Learn how to promote yourself and your brand online using social media platforms without any paid ads

Outsourcing on a budget: Learn where and how to get help in your business without spending a fortune.

Create Content: No need for fancy equipment and pricey services.


Discover the hacks to creating outstanding Social Media Content for more leads, more sales and infinitely more recognition…

Alternative Options

StarterPack 1:1


[EUR 197 / GBP 172]

3 hours of 1:1 coaching

(via video or phone)

My eyes on your business: Intensive strategy session to optimize your social media game


1x 3h / 2x 1.5h / 3x 1h

Session 1:

Assessment & Strategy development

Session 2:

Accounts, Activity & Training

Session 3:

Posting, Organization

& Strategy implementation 

Let's START!

1:1 Coaching


PER MONTH [EUR 427-849 / GBP 377-759]

Social Media & Business Strategy Program

My eyes on your business, your ideas, your content, your strategies, marketing, your messaging,...
+ individual strategy development
+ weekly check-in call (5x/month)
+ Daily support
+ Content Creation & Planning
+ Client Attraction Strategies
+ Tracking of Social Metrics

Click here for info👇


Masterclass Only


[EUR 197 / GBP 172]

Self-paced video course




Social Media Basics, Understanding your clients, Attracting your clients

Tutorial Videos:

Content Creation, Edits for Pictures & Videos, Copywriting Strategies

10 Lessons of Social Media Coaching for the price of one 1:1 session!




I WANT this!


Doors to the GROUP MASTERMIND are now closed. The next round will be announced soon.

Do you want to learn how to build up your online business? Let's do it.

Earn the confidence to put yourself out there! Get started with no risk before leaving your job!

I have almost 10 years of social media experience, built my own personal brand, and coached private clients and international institutions through the process of building an online presence for their businesses. Let me help you to get started or to optimize your business on social media!

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My interview with Sarah Cook for the WEALTHY CREATIVE SUMMIT - The driven girl's guide to financial abundance & freedom


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