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I help individuals, personal brands, small and medium-sized companies to chose the right social media platforms for their purposes, and train people how to use social media accounts for their business and career.

We develop individual strategies to attract the right audience for you and your services/products and build your personal brand as a professional!

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My name is Catie. The adventure called life started for me in 1985 in Düsseldorf in good old Germany. Besides my work as a pharmacist and scientist in innovative product development, I have been an athlete since I was a teenager, and have built my own personal fitness and lifestyle brand online.

The knowledge I gathered as social media manager for almost 10 years, helped me build my own brand and those of my clients. My work and my training approaches are versatile and creative. I help people to stand out on social media, using my tutorials for content concepts and creation. I would describe myself as a highly creative person. I published 30+ articles about my scientific work in innovative drug design, but also published music and podcasts under my artist name 'Catie Leta'.

Watch my interview with Sarah Cook for the Wealthy Creative Summit: HERE.


Social media:

My first steps on different social media platforms were moreover out of curiosity. During my times as a Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutics, I was already known as the 'social media person'. My colleagues even created a 'social-media theme' doctoral hat. I also have built my own personal fitness and lifestyle brand as a passionate and competitive athlete with around 20000 followers, and am involved in the back office management of one of the leading sports & motivation sites on social media.


I hold a Ph.D. with distinction 'summa cum laude' in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. My thesis (2014) about innovative orodispersible dosage forms was awarded for being the 'Most Outstanding Doctoral Thesis in Pharmaceutical Sciences' by the International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV). Read more about my scientific work here.

Besides, my postdoctoral research work at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland, in an Academy of Finland supported research project about 3D Printing of Drug Delivery Systems, I continuously worked on my other passion: communication and related online platforms.

Furthermore, I organize workshops and teach in local StartUp events about social media, personal branding and career development for professionals.



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Best, Catie

I refuse to be average. We did not start this to end up in mediocrity. I believe that life comes first, but I also think that a slacky lifestyle does not bring you forward.

I need to get things done.

In all areas of my life.

This is what keeps me going.

I set goals.

I make plans for how to achieve them.

...and if you are ready for this,

then I am more than happy to help you!

 About my life as an athlete & fitness coach:


I have always loved sports. In school, I played tennis, was in a swimming club (even won one competition when I was 7 years old), went to judo and dance classes. I also obtained the first 'corda' on Capoeira. At age 8, I joined a handball club and played handball for more than 20 years. I played my last season in 2015, in the Finnish Premier League. My work and career require a lot of traveling, this is how I got into fitness and weight training because there are gyms everywhere:) Since 2015, I focused on strength training and olympic weightlifting. In 2017, I decided to prep for my first bodybuilding/fitness competition. I competed in IFBB Bikini Fitness and Wellness Fitness Category at the Fitness Classics in Helsinki in Spring 2018. Afterward, my focus was to rebuild my strength and my training was based on a power-building approach. I competed in bench press and raw deadlift at the FPO Nationals in September 2018. At the Nationals, I qualified to compete at the WABDL World Championship in Las Vegas, USA, in November, where I managed to lift a raw deadlift world record in my class. Currently, I focus on improving my physique and to step on the bodybuilding stage once again in 2019.


My journey as a coach has started back in the year 2000 (yes, a long time ago;) I was a handball coach for primary school children and teenagers. The training included basic skill development, functional training, body weight, and core exercises -basically everything you need to move your body.

I coached several teams, boys and girls between 5 - 18 years of age besides coordinating and organizing related sport events. I obtained my actual youth trainer license only in 2004, rather for the paper - I already knew what I was doing. I educated myself reading every training book and exercise sheets that I could find.

From 2004-2005, I went to pharmacy school, became a licensed pharmacist, and passed three stages of state exams covering basically all natural sciences disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and more...

At some point, I thought that I should obtain a personal trainer license. Due to my lifestyle and continuous traveling, I decided to sign up for a course that I could mainly take online. I did not even look at the books. I passed all online tests within half a day and was granted access to the final exam (which would have included answering a few more questions and writing to customized training & nutrition plans).

I said: OK, this is BS... Holding a certificate in my hand that I obtained basically with no effort. What is it worth? So I dropped out of the course and continued educating myself on my own terms. I worked with several coaches myself depending on my goals, and usually ended up evaluating, which parts of this specific coaching approach fits into my lifestyle. Recently, I got certified by Spartan Academy in Finland as Functional Training Instructor and am working together with the Khudayarov Powerlifting Team on training plans for power-building, a combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting.




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