Social Like Catie - Master Class

Self-paced video course


Social Media Basics, Understanding your clients, Attracting your clients

Tutorial Videos:

Content Creation, Edits for Pictures & Videos, Copywriting Strategies

12 weeks Training



Course Content:

  1. Social Media Basics / How do the platforms work & work together
  2. Top Down / Bottom Up Approaches for Content Creation
  3. Know your goals / Who do you want to reach / Engagement strategies
  4. Pictures / Styles / Post types
  5. Let's edit / Techniques / Apps 
  6. Time Saving Hacks & Strategies
  7. Stories / Snaps - Strategic postings
  8. Caption Like A Boss (incl. scripts & strategies for creative for creative ideas)
  9. Videos: Ideas, Edits, Short/Medium/Long, Formats
  10. The Big Final: Engage with your ideal clients & Close the deal

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